Q: I have used materials, appliances and fixtures from a recent home renovation, can I donate them?
A: If you have materials, fixtures and appliances from a recent home renovation, it is best to donate them to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.

Q: Is Lake County Responds For Veterans a new organization?
A: Yes.

Q: How was LCRFV started?
A: It began as a natural follow-on from our sister organization, Naperville Responds For Veterans, to increase the coverage area to assist Veterans with home repairs and renovations.

Q: What exactly does LCRFV do for the community?
A: We provide construction related home repair services for any veteran from any military conflict America has needed men and women to fight for our interests. With the assistance from local contractors and other similar construction material companies, we repair or replace leaky roofs, windows or doors; build wheelchair ramps, widen doorways, and adjust counter top heights; remodel kitchens and bathrooms to make them all handicap accessible.

Q: What monies raised is used for salaries and fund raising efforts vs. going directly to the military personnel you support?
A: None of our board members receive any monetary compensation. Together with our volunteers, we hold various fundraising events throughout the year. 

Q: Are you a not-for-profit organization?
A: Yes, we are registered with the state of Illinois and the IRS as a 501(C) 3 organization.

Q: What geographies does LCRFV serve?
A: All addresses located in Lake County, Illinois.